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Woodsy Earth, LLC

Paw-Better Lotion Bar

Paw-Better Lotion Bar

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The weather can be hard on our fur babies paws and skin. Prevent the harsh effects of the weather by using our Paw-Better bar. Paw Better goes to work quickly by providing moisture to their paws, noses, and even elbows and dry skin. No need to worry about over applying or your baby licking it, as it is 100% natural with grass-fed beef tallow and free of essential oils. Easy to apply by rubbing the lotion bar in your hands or directly applying to the area.

Please contact your vet if you are concerned about starting a new product.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs

Ingredients: beeswax, grass-fed beef tallow, organic calendula flowers, jojoba oil, cold pressed olive oil, shea butter

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