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Woodsy Earth, LLC

Himalayan Foot Scrub

Himalayan Foot Scrub

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Lemon Peppermint Himalayan Foot Scrub is composed of a variety of salts for exfoliation of your tired feet. Combination of peppermint and lemon provide you with many benefits including detoxifying the body, smoothing calluses and helping to remove dead skin cells and other impurities that contribute to dryness. 

To use: Scoop desired amount from container using clean, dry hands and place into a separate container if you are planning on using in the bathtub or shower. Rub product gently over your feet as desired, rinse and pat dry.

Do not store product in humid areas such as bathrooms or shower

Use with caution as surfaces may become slick.

Ingredients: Himilayan salt, avocado oil, Dead Sea salt, grass-fed beef tallow, essential oils

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