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Woodsy Earth

Calm & Balance Hormone Support Oil

Calm & Balance Hormone Support Oil

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Discover serenity and achieve inner balance with our Calm and Balance Topical Oil. This special blended formula combines the soothing properties of natural essential oils to promote a tranquil state of mind and support hormone balance. Experience relief from the night sweats, itching and restlessness while embracing a sense of calm and harmony during hormonal fluctuations. Naturally restore equilibrium and embrace your journey to total well-being 

DO NOT USE if pregnant or nursing.  have epilepsy or take medicine containing estrogen or serotonin 

Ingredients: jojoba oil, argon oil, meadowfoam oil, Squalane oil, castor oil, essential oils, rosemary extract 

Directions for use: apply to inner wrists, chest, neck and/or feet before bedtime. 

packaged in a 2 oz glass amber bottle with treatment pump. 

Contact MD prior to use if you have any medical conditions

Individual results may vary.
These statements are not regulated by the FDA and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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