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Woodsy Earth, LLC

Coffee and Brown Sugar Scrub

Coffee and Brown Sugar Scrub

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 Invigorating aroma of coffee will awaken your senses and leave your skin glowing. Caffeine is known to have amazing benefits when used on the skin, such as evening out your skin tone, preventing premature aging, protects from harmful UV rays, decreasing inflammation and decrease appearance of cellulite.

 To apply: Scoop desired amount from jar using clean, dry hands and place into a small container if you're planning to use in the bath or shower. Apply to skin using a circular pattern followed by rinsing and patting dry. 

Ingredients: Brown sugar, avocado oil, coffee, grass-fed beef tallow

Use with caution as this does contain oil and can make surfaces slick.

Do not store in humid areas, such as shower or bathroom.


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