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Thank you for stopping by! Here at Woodsy Earth, we transform locally sourced, grass-fed and finished beef suet into beautiful, white tallow. Our in-house rendered tallow isn't just a key ingredient; it's the secret behind the radiant, healthy skin you've been craving.

Tallow is not only a skincare superstar, but it's a nutritional powerhouse too! Rich in vitamins A, D, K, and E, as well as essential fatty acids like Linoleic and Palmitic acid.

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  • “I often get "restless" legs at bedtime. It's awful. I could not go to sleep last night and get them to stop. I thought I would try this and see what would happen. I used it on my calves and feet. My legs calmed down and I was able to relax and sleep. I have it sitting right by my bed in case I need it again soon. Everyone should keep this on hand for so many things."

    Jennifer L.

    Magnesium Butter 
  • "I have terrible arthritis in my hands that was literally keeping me up at night. Nothing was giving me relief and I'm waiting on a reumatologist appointment. My sister shared some of her body butter with me and I was hooked! That night was the first night with no pain in my hands for months! I'm hooked!"

    Tammy A.

    Magnesium Butter 
  • “All of your products we have tried are awesome! The After Sun worked overnight! Took the pain out of my grandaughters sunburn. No peeling or blistering. The beef tallow face cream works better than any of the other brands I used on wrinkles, great moisture and is helping my grandaughters with breakouts."

    Rachel M

    After Sun